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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS Systems - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


Many mehicle manufacturers use different abbreviations for what are in essence variations of similar technology for sensors/ camera radar systems used in many modern vehicles aimed at driver assistance, this technology would also be used in part or as a whole for driverless vehicles in the future.

Samples of this technology:

ACC - Adaptive Cruise Control, many manufacturers use different variations of system abbreviation.

LDWS - Lane Departure Warning System, as above different manufacturers use different abbreviations.

Blind Spot - Often mounted in overtaking mirrors and warn the driver of vehicles in their blind spot.

Most Drive Assistance Systems require calibration once the sensors have been disturbed, this includes windscreen, overtaking mirrors, front sensors, steering alignment and many other systems dependant on what has been disturbed or damaged.

 Several aftermarket calibration systems are available and most can be tailored to suit specific vehicle manufacturer applications and targeting procedures, linked to their vehicle diagnostic system tools.

Bosch/ Hella/ Texa systems are available.