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Applying for an MOT bay.

The thought of changing an existing MOT Station or opening a new one can be quite daunting for even the most experienced business owner, at Garage Equipment UK we have a specialist team with over 30 years experience in the MOT industry who can help make this process easier. Whether you are looking for MOT application advice or require our team to take the reins throughout your process you know you will be in safe hands.

The application process is now based online making it quicker and more responsive, all required paperwork and supporting documentation can be emailed along with your application ensuring it is delivered directly to a DVSA representative.

Along with your application form you will need to supply specific supporting information must of which is generic to all companies however depending on your business status and operating requirements you may need to supply additional information.



  • Completed copy of the VT01
  • A verified copy of your photo ID.
  • A solicitor’s letter with your application that states either you own the land or there’s an enforceable lease in place between you and the landowner the letter should state you have the legal right to operate within the premises, you have exclusive use of the premises for MOT testing, and that planning permission is in place.
  • A site plan with your application, which shows the location of the premises, test bay, access and parking.
  • A fully dimensioned drawing of the test bay layout.


  • Partnership Agreement
  • A Letter authorising a person to act on behalf of the business or partnership.


  • Completed copy of the VT01
  • A fully dimensioned drawing of the test bay layout with all changes marked
  • A site plan with your application, which shows the location of the premises, test bay, access and parking.
  • Send your completed documentation to 

We have a team of specialists who can assist with your MOT Application including MOT Site Survey's, comprehensive dimensioned layout drawings and photographic site plans. 

If you are looking to open MOT bay or change an existing MOT bay with more upto date technology please call our MOT specialist for free advice or emails us:

We have collated all the information you will need for a successful MOT application, we have experts who can help you through the process. We can assist with your VT01, equipment choice and collation of the required information for a smooth and acceptable application. If you require more help or simple a chat through the the regulations please call us on 0141 271 7400 alternatively contact us here 


How to setup and MOT Facility.


  1. What you need to set up and start testing
  2. Apply for authorised examiner status
  3. Equipment and premises
  4. Meeting ongoing standards

1) What you need to set up and start testing

You must meet a number of legal requirements if you want to set up an MOT test station.

Set up the test station

You need:

The AE is an individual, partnership or company authorised by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The AE is responsible for making sure that:

  • MOT tests are properly conducted
  • the test facilities and equipment are checked and well-maintained
  • MOT documents are correctly stored and access to electronic MOT test systems is only given to eligible users
  • the MOT testers are assessed correctly and complete training and assessments
  • DVSA staff have access to the premises for checks on staff and equipment
  • DVSA is informed about significant changes to the business within 7 working days

Start MOT testing

Before you can carry out MOT testing you also need:

  • an MOT manager to run the test centre
  • an MOT tester approved for the vehicle classes you want to test

The MOT manager must have taken an approved course, for example the former 2-day DVSA course or a level 3 award in MOT Test Centre Management.

Find an MOT manager qualification course and book it with the course provider.

You have to pay to take the course. The price is set by the course provider.


2) Apply for Authorised Examiner Status

Send form VT01 to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The address is on the form.

Use the same form if you already have AE status and want to open a test station.

The application form has guidance notes explaining the information you need to include. There is no fee.

If your application is refused, DVSA will write to you - you can appeal the decision and ask for a hearing by writing to DVSA within 14 days.

When you must reapply

You must reapply for AE status if your company is reconstructed in a way that means it’s given a new company registration number.


3) Equipment and premises

You need to make sure that your equipment and premises are suitable for the vehicle classes you plan to test.


You need to have a:

  • computer, laptop or tablet with internet connection
  • printer

These need to met the minimum IT specification.

Approved testing equipment

Different classes of vehicle need different specialist test equipment.

You must make sure you have at least the minimum level for each vehicle class you’re approved to test.

All equipment must be kept in good working order and calibrated properly.

Download the lists of approved equipment for:

There are 3 categories of decelerometers:

  • category A are approved for all classes of vehicle
  • category B are approved for class 3, 4, 5 and 7 vehicles
  • category C are approved for class 1 and 2 vehicles


You need to make sure your premises are suitable and testing bay sizes are correct for the vehicle classes you’ll be testing. You can find the minimum standards in the MOT testing guide.

Approval in principle

Your premises will be given an approval in principle when you apply for authorised examiner (AE) status. This will help you avoid committing to expensive work or alterations before your premises are approved.

If you’ve already got AE status and want to make changes to the test facilities, write to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) before you make any changes. Include supporting drawings, to show that the changes won’t affect the testing station’s approval.

Chadderton GVTS 
Broadway Business Park 
OL9 9XA 


Meeting ongoing standards

You must clearly and publicly display the MOT test fees and appeals poster (VT9A) in your station.

You should conduct regular checks to make sure your MOT testing station meets the best practice standards at all times.

Prepare for site assessments

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will carry out regular risk-based site assessments of your station to make sure you continue to meet the standards.

This will involve checking your station is well maintained and that it offers clean and comfortable facilities, eg suitable customer waiting areas.

The risk scoring guide explains how site assessments are carried out and what evidence is used to decide if an MOT test station is at the required standard. You can use it together with the MOT site assessment calculator to help you see what results you might get from a site assessment.

Learn about changes to MOT rules

DVSA uses ‘special notices’ to tell you about changes to the MOT scheme. Authorised examiners (AEs) receive these automatically within the online MOT testing service.

If your service isn’t good enough

DVSA can take disciplinary action or stop you operating as a testing station if your service isn’t good enough.

If you lose AE status for disciplinary reasons, anyone else applying for AEstatus at the same test station must prove they’re sufficiently independent from you.