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Network Cabling & Infrastructure

Cabling infrastructure is at the heart of every IT and telephone system. Without a good quality data cabling system data is transmitted slower, information can be corrupted or lost and, in the very worst cases, systems will simply fail to run.

We install data cabling solutions for all sizes of company's and are experienced in a wide variety of different environments including Vehicle Showrooms & Workshops, Education Facilities, Hotels, Production & Manufacturing Plants, in fact any company that requires Cabling Infrastructure.

Whatever your data cabling requirements, Garage Equipment have the capabilities, offering the highest levels of quality, performance and support at very competitive pricing.

We offer a quality managed cabling system where we will design, implement and install a cabling system using only the top industry leading manufacturers and products.

Whether you are a small office or a large scale industrial facility, we offer the same care and workmanship. Our cabling systems are warranted to be fault free and are tested to the relevant industry standards. All our completed projects are tested using state of the art calibrated fluke DTX testing equipment. These results are backed up by the manufacturer’s system warranty.

Infrastructures based on copper are ever nearing their physical limits and maximum permitted lengths, hence an alternative to copper must be provided for installations for the future.

Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a Cabling

We know that a structured cabling network is the key component of how it will maximise growth and performance for your company. Alongside the leading copper cable distributors, we can work closely with customers to provide a future proof design plan, tailored and installed to your specific needs and the highest quality of workmanship

Fusion Splicing

Fibre optic cable has now become a more favourable choice when expanding your network infrastructure and we have a fully trained and experienced team dedicated to providing a design and infrastructure solution.

Incorporate all types of fibre optic technology from singlemode to multimode cable and mechanical to fusion splicing. The use of fibre optic cable not only provides a greater bandwidth for information transfer over various distances ranging from floor to floor or building to building. It can also operate at high speed and offers a greater resistance to external influences in this form of electrical cables or electromagnetic noise.

Singlemode & Multimode Cable Installations

We have completed many diverse range of fibre optic installations, both in singlemode and multimode applications, each mode having its own parameters and benefits to suit each individual installation or directive.

We offer a full design, planning and installation of a fibre optic network from new or to strengthen and boost an existing network within your business.

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